Whisker Ball

     The Whisker Ball is held in October at the Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center. This annual event is attended by animal lovers throughout our community who understand the need to help lost, injured and abused animals find a loving home.   As always this year's ball will feature a lovely dinner and a fantastic live and silent auction!  Well-behaved humans are welcome to bring their dogs.

     The event includes a wonderful dinner for our guests and treats for their four legged friends, as well as a parade of animals for adoption that will mingle with our guests and get an individual stage introduction in hope of finding a new home. We will also have a live and silent auction of donated items our guests may bid on.

     The goal of the event is to support our local animal shelter – Pueblo Animal Services – which is a non-profit entity essential to our community.  In 2018, Pueblo Animal Services reunited near thirteen huundred lost animals with their owners, over a sixteen hundred animals were adopted by loving families, and over three thousand low cost and/or free spay/neuter procedures were performed. Pueblo Animal Services also conducted over a twelvve hundred animal investigations.  This is just a sampling of the services that are provided to protect animals in our community.

     All of the proceeds from the Whisker Ball, directly benefit the animals.  At Friends, our mission is to provide support to save animal lives, increase spay and neutering, fight cruelty, provide education and promote responsible pet ownership.  This mission cannot be achieved without your help.